Minimizing our impact on the climate is a main priority for DANG STHLM. In each part of the supply chain we have researched for the most feasible solution ranging from sourcing fabrics, materials, packaging and production.



Each piece of our clothing is sourced sustainably. The first collection is entirely made from deadstock materials, therefore each piece is limited in quantity since we produce until the roll of fabric we've sourced is out.

So what is deadstock? The same way thrifting is a sustainable way of shopping to minimize waste as an end consumeer, sourcing deadstock is like thrifting for the fashion industry. Deadstock fabric is waste or leftover fabrics from suppliers or factories that no longer have use for them. Usually these rolls are thrown in landfills and some brands even burn their leftover fabric. Since Vietnam is a huge exporter of fabrics, it also means there's a vast amount of deadstock fabrics there. After a lot of research we found a few fabric markets in Ho Chi Minh City specializing in purely deadstock. For future collections DANG STHLM will also look in to other alternatives of sustainable fabrics such as tencel, econyl and organic cotton.



All our products are shipped in recycled paper bags or recycled cardboard boxes. We've avoided plastics and have been researching other materials such as compostable ecomailers. As an independent startup, we concluded that recycled paper would be the best initial option for us and our consumers internationally.



We have chosen to work with smaller factories in Vietnam that are transparent with their work ethics for fair working conditions of their workers. We have personally visited our factories and inspected their processes to build trust with our suppliers. Read more about our production here.